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They are the scourge of homeowners everywhere, lawn moles. It seems you can go to bed at night knowing that you have a beautiful lawn, yet, the next day when you wake up and look out to admire your lawn, you are suddenly struck with horror. Everywhere you look across your lawn are dreaded mole paths or mole mounds. Piles of dirt are everywhere. The paths seem endless. Your heart kind of sinks to your toes wondering how all of this happened and seemingly, just overnight.

The reality is that it really did not just happen overnight. Everything that has happened has been building for a while. While you have been manicuring your lawn things have been going on under the surface of your lawn. A food source for moles has been building and the moles have decided that it was time for them to feast upon the buffet offered below your lawns surface.

So what could you have done to prevent this from occuring? What can you do do now to rid your lawn of those evil moles in Livonia, Canton, Northville, and Plymouth Michigan that have ruined all of your hard work? Is there a way to save your Michigan lawn from further destruction? Then, what can you do to prevent this from happening again? Can you ever take control of these pests?

Although there are many things that have been written about how to control or kill Michigan lawn moles, including trapping, spiking, smoke bombs, flooding, or chewing gum, most of these methods really don not work. What must really happen is the elimination of the moles food source. Once their source of food is gone, the moles will move on. Moles are fond of all sorts of worms including common earth worms or grub worms. These are two of the most common types of worms found in Michigan Lawns.

Your local Michigan home and garden store carries a variety of products that will supposedly provide lawn mole control. There you will find mole control pellets, mole control traps, electronic mole control devices and many more items that will supposedly take control of you lawn mole problems. Once again, many of these products being offered will do little to take control of your lawn moles situation. Mole control pellets will seldom work because a mole has a very strong sense of smell. Once human odor has touched or permeated the mole pellets, the mole will completely avoid them. Mole traps or mole control spikes will generally only work once you find the moles main travel tunnels. It can take several days of tapping down tunnels to begin to establish what are mole travel tunnels and which are exploratory tunnels. Since a mole can travel up to 16 feet per hour, determining what is a travel or exploratory tunnel could become a daunting task, all the while, moles continue to destroy your beautiful lawn.

So what is the solution to controlling Michigan lawn moles? How can you prevent this destruction from ever occuring? Professional lawn mole control in Michigan is your best bet. Professional lawn mole control specialists will apply chemicals to your lawn that will seep into the ground to prevent a moles food source from growing under your lawn, thus making your lawn a place where moles will not come to dine. Barring mole control prevention measures, once the damage has begun. Professional lawn mole control specialists may often be able to determine through their experience, what is a main travel tunnel of moles and then strategically set traps to help immediately rid your lawn of moles. The quicker your lawn is rid of the moles and their food source, the quicker you can get your lawn back into shape again and once again enjoy and admire a beautiful lawn all summer long in southeast Michigan.

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